Sturgeon independence referendum bid shot down as Boris told NOT to grant new vote – poll

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Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon reignited her bid for a break from the rest of the UK at the SNP’s annual conference on Saturday. She told supporters “independence is in clear sight” and boldly declared Scotland is “now a nation on the cusp of making history”. Ms Sturgeon believes a second vote on independence can take place after the Scottish elections in May 2021 – if her party is able to win and secure a majority.

But Mr Johnson is refusing to grant the Holyrood Parliament in Scotland the Section 30 power needed to stage another independence referendum in the country, arguing the result from 2014 must be honoured and is a “once in a generation event”.

Now more than three-quarters of readers who voted in our latest poll have backed the Prime minister to stand firm on the issue.

The poll, which ran from 9.15am until 9.15pm on Sunday November 29 and saw 9,018 votes cast, asked: “As SNP makes fresh bid, should Boris grant Sturgeon another independence referendum?”

The results revealed 78 percent (6,908 readers) believe Mr Johnson should not grant a second vote on Scottish independence.

Just over a fifth of those who voted (22 percent or 2,050 readers) disagreed, while less than one percent (60 readers) were undecided.

One reader raged: “Why are the SNP not respectful of democracy?

“The Scottish people wanted a vote, no more than a generation, and yet they are obsessed with handing all of Scottish democracy to the EU.”

A second person said: “The break-up of the United Kingdom should be a vote for the entire United Kingdom & it should NOT be a never-ending vote every couple of years until Sturgeon gets her way.”

Another reader wrote: “Unfortunately, if Scotland is given a vote and they lose again, the SNP will come up with more reasons for another vote then another.

“They have so much in common with the EU in that respect – ‘don’t give us the answer we want, and you will vote until you get it right!'”

A fourth person commented: “Let the Scots have the referendum. If they vote Leave, so be it.

“Cut them loose with immediate effect – no more money, Scottish passports required, the right to use Sterling withdrawn. NHS ends at the border. In fact so many things taken for granted in Scotland now would cease to exist.

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“The rest of the UK would save billions.”

Another reader simply said: “We had our indy ref and we voted to remain in UK. SNP need to be forced to accept Democracy.”On Sunday,

Ms Sturgeon was brutally grilled on The Andrew Marr Show over her pledge to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence should her party triumph in the Scottish elections next May with a majority in hand.

But BBC host Mr Marr told her the Prime Minister has made it “very, very clear he’s not going to give you the referendum in the next few years that you want”, telling her as things stand, “you have absolutely no answer, no comeback to that”.

Ms Sturgeon hit back: “You see, I’m a democrat, Andrew. You may want, and I don’t mean this personally, to accept a differential position to Boris Johnson.

“I believe I’m accountable to, and take instruction from, the people of Scotland, not from Boris Johnson.

“And I’m going to do the old fashioned, traditional, democratic thing and I’m going to ask the people of Scotland in May for their authority for a legal referendum to allow people in Scotland to choose their own future.”

Ms Sturgeon had told delegates at the SNP conference on Saturday: “Since our last conference, we have won a landslide victory in a UK general election. And support for independence has risen.

“It has become the sustained and majority view in public opinion this year.”

“While our primary focus is on tackling and beating COVID-19 – for which we have renewed hope – Scotland must be ready for what comes next. And I know we will be.

“The question for all of us as we look ahead to the election next May is this: who should be taking the decisions that shape our futures?”

The First Minister continued: “Let us demonstrate – with cool heads and patient persuasion – that Scotland is ready to take its place in the global family of independent nations.

“Scotland is now a nation on the cusp of making history.

“Independence is in clear sight – and if we show unity of purpose, humility and hard work, I have never been so certain that we will deliver it.”

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