Steve Barclays rules out Swiss-style deal with EU and vows for UK…..

Mr Barclay claimed that the Tory Government were determined to maximise growth opportunities in areas such as green industries and science. He explained that he and Rishi Sunak have always supported Brexit so would not be making any U-turns now. The former Brexit secretary claimed that it was important for the UK to use all the Brexit freedoms it had gained from leaving the European Union. This week those on either side of the political spectrum have been discussing the outcome of Brexit on the economy, with some MPs discussing rejoining the single market in order to boost growth.

Mr Barclay told Sky News: “If you look at the Autumn Statement, what the Chancellor set out was our determination to maximise the growth opportunities in growth areas.

“Whether that’s in green industries, or whether that’s if life sciences, whether in financial services.

“In fact, there were specific announcements in the autumn statement in terms of solvency too.

“We’ve got a Prime Minister who, himself supported Brexit, I myself did and was Brexit secretary and worked very hard to maximise our control of our laws our borders, and our money.

“So it’s absolutely important that particularly in those high growth sectors such as financial services like the sciences and the green industries, that we really use the Brexit freedoms we have.

“And so I don’t recognise this story at all.”

Labour does not want the UK to rejoin the European Union’s single market, shadow work and pensions secretary Jonathan Ashworth has said. He added that Labour would not adopt a Swiss-style relationship.

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