SNPs Ian Blackford swipe at Boris spectacularly backfires You got a record settlement!

PMQs: Johnson hits back at criticism from Blackford

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The SNP Westminster leader hit out at Boris Johnson claiming his Government had failed to show Scotland the necessary financial support to overcome the coronavirus pandemic. But the Prime Minister was swift to dismantle Ian Blackford’s attack, noting additional powers and billions were given to the Scottish Administration. Responding to his attack during PMQs, Mr Johnson said: “He’s going to need a bigger waistcoat to contain the synthetic indignation of the Right Honourable Gentleman.

I can just tell him there are the powers, the Scottish Administration has the powers but what we’ve also done is a record settlement for Scotland, £41bn.

“In all friendship with the Right Honourable Gentleman, with whom I’m actually quite cordial with behind the scenes, we will work with the Scottish Government to make sure we get through this together.”

Mr Blackford hit out at the British Government as he claimed additional funding will be needed to ensure Scotland can overcome the obstacles the coronavirus pandemic.

He said: “There was no new money for Scotland.

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“Once again, you can’t trust a word of what this Prime Minister says.

“Dodgy dealings on renovations and a distant relationship with the truth. All of this has left him weak.

“Last night, this UK Government struggled to get measures through this House that Scotland has had for months.

“A Prime Minister who can’t do what is needed to protect the public is no Prime Minister at all.”

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He added: “Nobody wants further restrictions but Scotland can’t afford to be hamstrung if the Prime Minister can’t act because he has 99 problems behind him.”

Boris Johnson saw the rebellion of 99 Tory MPs come up repeatedly in the last PMQs of the year.

The rebels opposed new rules implementing the use of Covid passes to access large venues. 

A negative lateral flow test can also be provided to continue attending concerts, theatre shows, or other such events.

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