SNP slated over controversial pregnant people tweet – ‘Dont you mean women?’

Nicola Sturgeon slams 'interpretation' of her vaccine targets

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The Scottish Government’s Twitter account was hit with severe backlash after Ministers appealed to expected mothers to get their COVID-19 vaccine. The tweet, posted yesterday, said: “Over 55,000 pregnant people in England and Scotland have had the coronavirus vaccine.

“It’s the best way to protect you and your baby from the risks of the virus during pregnancy.”

Jenny Marra, a former Scottish Labour MSP for North East Scotland who has two young children, said: “SNP think ‘people’ get pregnant, not women.

“And Nicola Sturgeon is too clever for us all with her Covid strategy. Embarrassing.”

Murdo Fraser MSP, Scottish Conservative COVID recovery spokesperson, replied and said: “Pregnant people? Don’t you mean women?”

One Scot argued: “Can we just stop with this nonsense. It’s pregnant women.”

Another claimed the wording was “part of a wider erosion of women’s and girl’s protection”.

However, other people have defended the use of the Scottish Government using the word “people”.

One Scot argued that trans men and non-binary people could also be pregnant and therefore the term was “inclusive” language.

And another person said: “Thank you for using inclusive language.

“I’m sorry for the pile on from bigots you’re going have to deal with as result of this. Lots of people appreciate the language.”

One Scot pointed out: “Not everyone who has a baby identifies as a woman.

“That may be difficult for lots of you to understand it should not spark rage. Including them does not exclude you.

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“Try some compassion.”

The row came as Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon urged pregnant mothers to get their jab during her latest Coronavirus briefing.

Ms Sturgeon used the term “pregnant women”, a contrast to the Twitter account.

She said: “The Scottish Government, in line with advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, is strongly recommending that pregnant women get the vaccine as soon as they are asked.

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“Vaccination is the best way of protecting against the risks of Covid in pregnancy and these include admission of the pregnant mother to intensive care and also the possible premature birth of the baby.

“Already in Scotland alone more than 4,000 pregnant women have received the vaccine and there are thousands and thousands more across the world who have received the vaccine.

 “The evidence of its safety is overwhelming.”

A Scottish Government spokesperson declined to say if the wording of the tweet had been intentional. 

But they added: “As the First Minister set out on Tuesday, vaccination is the best way of protecting against the risks of Covid in pregnancy. 

“We continue to urge everyone to come forward for vaccination as there is no doubt it represents our best way out of the pandemic and the best way to protect ourselves, our family and friends and all of Scotland’s diverse communities.”

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