SNP blasted for stoking division with border signs to remind English of Scot Covid rule

Ian Blackford challenged by Ridge on Scotland border controls

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Christine Grahame suggested to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to consider placing information on “electronic road signs at the border with England.” The SNP MSP for Midlothian South, Tweeddale and Lauderdale said the rules would “remind our neighbours of the different rules here.”


Explaining why, she said: “Because with respect, not everyone is going to log on to the Scottish Government’s website”.

Ms Sturgeon hailed the idea as a “very good suggestion.”

Responding to the Scottish Borders MSP, she added: “I couldn’t be sure we don’t already… but we will look at whether there is more scope to do that, particularly at critical junctures where at the moment it will be people coming into Scotland from England.

“So we’ll certainly look at that helpful suggestion.”

The comments were made as the Scottish Parliament was reconvened this week with the Scottish First Minister confirming all of mainland Scotland will go into level zero on Monday, July 19.

However, this afternoon, the UK Government hit back with a source adding: “To suggest that English people fail to look at Scottish Government guidance is wrong.

“People are aware of the different guidance in the four nations and whilst some reminders are helpful, stoking division between different nations of the UK is not helpful when we should be tackling the pandemic.”

The Scottish border argument also further escalated this afternoon after Immigration Minister Kevin Foster said the SNP’s blueprint for independence and rejoining the EU would require a “Great Wall of Gretna” to be built at the Scottish border.



Mr Foster said an independent Scotland part of the Schengen scheme that permits free travel without passport checks between European nations, would necessitate the construction of a hard border between Scotland and England.

The Government minister challenged Nicola Sturgeon’s party to “start being upfront about the impact of some of their policies”.

Asked by the Express of the impact of the SNP key EU policies on the future of the UK, Mr Foster said during a visit to Scotland today: “If they wanted Scotland to join Schengen that does mean a hard border, it means building a great wall of Gretna.

“It’s always interesting to hear the SNP talking about wanting to rejoin the EU if they achieve their goal of separation, but they are quiet about what that would mean in terms of rejoining the Common Fisheries Policy, potentially joining the euro, what it could mean around Schengen.

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“What I am not interested in doing is creating passport control at Berwick.

“The UK operates as a single market despite the SNP’s thoughts on this.”

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