She gives as good as she gets! BBC to feel heat as Dorries here to shake things up

Nadine Dorries talks future of public service broadcasting

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Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has been facing the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee for the first time since taking up her role after the cabinet reshuffle in September. Tim Stanley commented on Ms Dorries’s performance in front of this committee – highlighting how she is here to “shake things up”.

Mr Stanley wrote a piece for The Telegraph, titled ‘All bark and bite, Nadine Dorries gives the Left as good a verbal thrashing as she gets’.

Mr Stanley wrote: “The future of the BBC? Unknowable without the gift of clairvoyance.

“It’s a smart strategy to conclude nothing, just yet, so that you’ve got nothing definitive to be caught out on.

“But if the committee seemed confused, it shouldn’t be naive because Ms Dorries isn’t here to manage the status quo.

“She’s here to shake things up.

“The appointment of Ms Dorries is the policy.”

Mr Stanley concluded: “She just does what the Left hates: she gives as good as she gets.”

Ms Dorries also launched an attack on “lefties” during her speech.

This comes after the Culture Secretary ridiculed “left wing snowflakes” in a post on social media.

Speaking on Wednesday, she told MPs: “The arts sector is a pretty huge sector, I don’t think they all opposed my position, but there were certainly a vocal number, mostly, possibly wholly male, who quite used to and quite frequently comment and continue to do so.

“Were they all from the left?

“Yes, I think there were a number of people who sadly used my appointment as a means of political attack and that did happen.

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“Were these people quite obviously on the left? Yes.”

The 64-year-old denied any allegations that she was threatening to cut funding to the BBC.

Giving evidence to the committee, she denied reports claiming she had criticised Nick Robinson, BBC Radio 4 Today programme presenter, after a Conservative party conference interview with the Prime Minister.

The Culture Secretary was alleged to have said: “Nick Robinson has cost the BBC a lot of money”

During this interview, Mr Robinson interrupted the Prime Minister during a response as he said: “Prime Minister, stop talking, we are going to have questions and answers, not where you merely talk, if you wouldn’t mind.”

After the interview concluded, the Prime Minister said: “It’s very kind of you to let me talk… I thought that was the point of inviting me on your show.”

Ms Dorries said: “Just for clarity on the Nick Robinson point, I think I might be able to anticipate what you may be saying next, is that I have never criticised Nick Robinson.

“I didn’t hear the interview that I was supposed to have criticised and I never made the comment so I will just put that one in there in case that was where you were going.”

She added: “It was attributed to me but nobody can actually say I said it.”

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