Scotland debate LIVE: MPs to thrash out SNP row hours after Boris calls Sturgeons bluff

Tory MP calls out Nicola Sturgeon for chatting during his speech

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Nicola Sturgeon said a vote would only be held after “the Covid crisis has passed” but added the Scottish government intends to hold another independence referendum before the end of 2023. The government previously paused indyref2 plans due to the pandemic but the First Minister announced officials will resume work on a “detailed prospectus” in favour of independence.  

Ms Sturgeon added that the case for Scottish independence is a “strong one”.

But MSP Douglas Ross was quick to pick holes in the First Ministers speech, recalling a commitment made by Scottish politicians to put the country’s recovery from the pandemic at the forefront of their political goals.

Mr Ross pointed out that her Programme for Government speech to Holyrood mentioned Scottish independence “four paragraphs in” and accused her of getting her “priorities wrong”.

Hours after the announcement Prime Minister Boris Johnson called for a summit with Nicola Sturgeon and other government leaders.



  • PM ‘opposed’ to second referendum09:00
  • ‘Out of touch’ government

    Pamela Nash, chief executive of Scotland in Union, said: “This is an astonishing insult to the people of Scotland who want their government to focus on Covid recovery.

    “To use government resources and revenue on a blueprint to divide communities shows just how out of touch the SNP and Greens are.”

    PM ‘opposed’ to second referendum

    Boris Johnson’s close officials made it clear that he was “opposed” to the plans, calling for all four nations to work closely together. 

    In a signal the UK Prime Minister was committed to maintaining the Union, Mr Johnson said by 2024-25 Scotland would benefit from an additional £1,1billion in Barnett funding and UK-wide spending from the UK Government. 

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