Said I shouldnt resign! Johnson has inconsistent Starmer on spot in tense partying row

PMQs: Boris Johnson grills Keir Starmer on inconsistency

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The Prime Minister hit out at Keir Starmer was questioning why Boris Johnson had not resigned over the partygate scandal. Mr Starmer said: “Talking of parties, he told the house no rules were broken during lockdown, the police have now concluded there was widespread criminality. The ministerial code says that ministers who knowingly mislead the house should resign. Why is he still here?”

Mr Johnson hit back: “Hang on a minute. He’s just changed his position.

“We do at least expect some consistency from this human weather vein.

“It was only a week or so ago he was saying I shouldn’t resign. What is his position Mr Speaker?

“Of course the Met must investigate and get on with their job but in the meantime, we are going to get on with our jobs.

“What we are focusing on is tackling the cost of living, helping people through the spike in fuel prices.”

Labour had previously dropped calls for Boris Johnson to resign due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Sir Keir said it is “very important” the public have trust in their leaders when asked about whether it is the right time to put pressure on the Prime Minister over partygate allegations.

He told ITV News: “In a time like this, it’s very important that the public have trust in their leaders.

Russia: Keir Starmer welcomes PM’s sanctions

“But I can tell you in the debate in Parliament tomorrow, we won’t be talking about partygate.

“We will be absolutely focused on the amendments that we need to pass to toughen up the sanctions regime. So, our challenge to the Government tomorrow is to go further and to go faster on this.”

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