Sack the lot Patel urged to take action over Channel strike plans – Border Farce

Priti Patel ‘doesn’t get invited to discussions’ says Trevor Phillips

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The Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS), which represents border and immigration officials, has not taken kindly to the Home Secretary’s suggestion that migrants attempting to cross the Channel from France should be turned back rather than brought to UK shores. The group’s General Secretary, Mark Serwotka, raised the idea of a strike, stressing “we will not rule out industrial action to prevent it [the “turn back” policy] being carried out”. readers responded thick and fast to the suggestion of strike action.

Many suggested they would rather see border officials sacked and replaced than the Home Secretary bow down to their threats.

sunnybnk wrote: “If they don’t like it, get another job.”

Falcon Scott, sharing this sentiment, wrote: “Sack the complete fairies and bring in the Army!”

Dando added: “Border Force are not running this country.

“They should do as they are told or leave and be replaced with ex-military who will do the job and do it better.”

Dennise D wrote that the name “Border Force” doesn’t do the group justice, and should be replaced with “Border Farce”.

Last year, Ms Patel told Conservative Party Conference that the Government would increase its efforts to “turn back the boats”.

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She said: “France is a safe country, not one riven by war or conflict.

“There is no reason why any asylum seeker should come to the UK directly from France.”

She added that the Government was in discussion with border officials “to deliver operational solutions, including new sea tactics which we are working to implement to turn back the boats”.

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Now, the Home Office is being taken to court by the PCS and refugee charity Care4Calais over its policy.

Mr Serwotka said: “The legality of the pushbacks policy is in serious question and it is right that the court decides whether it is unlawful to turn back Channel boats.

“We cannot have a situation where our members could be open to potential civil and criminal action for implementing a policy that they do not agree with and know is not safe.”

Strike action has been threatened as a fall-back for if this legal action fails.

Many believe the PCS’s attempt to block the policy is plain wrong.

TRUELYBLUE wrote: “Another Union politicising their roll! If they refuse to follow the rules there are plenty who would take their jobs!”

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