Presidential candidates on Colorado’s November 2020 ballot

Well over a dozen presidential candidates have qualified so far to be listed on Colorado’s ballot for the Nov. 3 election.

The list does not yet include the major-party candidates, as President Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee, and former Vice President Joe Biden, the Democratic nominee, still must have their names formally submitted by their parties. Major and minor parties have until Sept. 7 to submit paperwork to the Colorado Secretary of State’s Office; the ballot will be finalized at that point.

The deadline was Aug. 5 for candidates who went another route: paying a $1,000 filing fee and submitting notarized statements of intent and signatures from nine electors who are registered Colorado voters. That is how rapper Kanye West made the state’s ballot.

Still others have registered as write-in candidates. Their votes will be counted, but their names won’t be listed on the ballot.

Here is an updated list of candidates who have qualified to run in Colorado, with the presidential candidate listed first and the vice presidential candidate listed second:

  • Bill Hammons/Eric Bodenstab, Unity Party of Colorado
  • Howie Hawkins/Angela Nicole Walker, Green Party
  • Blake Huber/Frank Atwood, Approval Voting Party
  • Jo Jorgensen/Jeremy “Spike” Cohen, Libertarian Party
  • Brian Carroll/Amar Patel, American Solidarity Party
  • Phil Collins/Billy Joe Parker, Prohibition Party
  • Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente/Darcy G. Richardson, Alliance Party
  • Dario Hunter/Dawn Neptune Adams, Progressive Party
  • Alyson Kennedy/Malcolm Jarrett, Socialist Workers Party
  • Joseph Kishore/Norissa Santa Cruz, Socialist Equality Party
  • Kyle Kenley Kopitke/Nathan Re Vo Sorenson, American Independent Party
  • Gloria La Riva/Sunil Freeman, Party for Socialism and Liberation
  • Mark Charles/Sedinam Moyowasifza Curry, unaffiliated
  • Princess Khadijah Maryam Jacob-Fambro/Khadijah Maryam Jacob Sr., unaffiliated
  • Joe McHugh/Liz Storm, unaffiliated
  • Brock Pierce/Karla Ballard, unaffiliated
  • Jordan “Cancer” Scott/Jennifer Tepool, unaffiliated
  • Kanye West/Michelle Tidball, unaffiliated
  • Kasey Wells/Rachel Wells, write-in
  • Todd Cella/Timothy Bryan Cella, write-in
  • Tom Hoefling/Andy Prior, write-in
  • Valerie McCray/Mary Lett, write-in

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