Polling guru Curtice warns Scottish Tories could lose Opposition status in elections

Scottish Conservatives: Curtice warns of diminishing votes in election

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Following Partygate fine concerning Prime Minister Boris Johnson, Professor Sir John Curtice said: “The damage that Partygate did to the Conservatives is for the most part still with us”. Conservative Party might end up not being “the second largest party in Scotland”, warns Mr Curtice. 

Speaking at BBC Scotland Nine, Professor Sir John Curtice said: “We have to remember that it seems to be pretty clear that the damage that Partygate did to the Conservatives in November, December and January is for the most still with us.

He continued: “You take the average of the results of British polls and the Conservatives are now six points behind Labours”. 

“The gap has widened way more recently”, he added.

Mr Curtice explains: “It was never much more than eight or nine points in January”.

The polls have begun to tell us a consistent story again since around Christmas where the Conservatives are running third behind the Labour in the popular vote”, claimed Professor Sir John Curtice. 

He openly stated: “The risk is that the Conservatives for the first time since 2016, they will end up not being the second largest party in Scotland”.

He continued: “The truth now is that although some might have gone out of this anger about Boris Johnson’s breach of coronavirus rules, the truth is the electoral legacy of that breach is perhaps already with us”.

“If so we should not necessarily expect any collapse in the Conservative vote in the next weeks or so”, Mr Curtice added.

He concluded: “But the problem the Conservatives have is many voters’ decision about how they might vote in a few weeks time”.

The claims follow Metropolitan Police reports who seem to find PM Boris Johnson guilty for attending six of the 16 gatherings that took place inside 10 Downing Street during the national lockdown. 

Following the reports and Partygate fine, PM Boris Johnson has publicly apologies over having broken covid restrictions inside No 10. 

“I have paid the fine and I once again offer a full apology”, said Mr Johnson.

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He also added that he would not resign and stated: “I want to be able to get on and deliver the mandate that I have, but also to tackle the problems that the country must face right now”.

In response to Boris Johnson’s Partygate breach of covid rules, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon openly claimed: “ [Boris Johnson] broke the law and repeatedly lied to the parliament”. 

Labour Party leader Keir Starmer also seems to agree Ms Sturgeon as he stated: “[Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak] are guilty men”. 

“[Boris Johnson] is dishonouring the office”, he also added.

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