Petty vendetta! Brexiteers happy to boycott EU imports if new trade rules cause havoc

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Their anger was sparked after a new raft of measures on UK goods being imported into the EU were introduced on January 1 as part of the withdrawal agreement. Former diplomat Adrian Hill said that UK goods were being increasingly marginalised and urged Brits to boycott products from the EU to send a strong message to Brussels.

His comments were met with strong support from many readers.

BBBO01 raged: “I stopped buying EU products when the EU started their petty vendetta.”

Toto Momo said: “No EU poor quality goods will ever be bought in this house again. I prefer 100 percent beef. Not 80 percent horsemeat.”

William4Freedom wrote: “Absolutely agree with this.

“We stopped buying EU wherever and whenever we can, swapped out all our wine and cheese, even swapped our Mercedes for a Tesla which is imported from the states and it’s a fantastic car.

“We’ve not looked back and are buying more produce locally than we ever have.”

RichOn simply wrote: “It’s quite simple, leave it on the shelf or showroom…consumer is king and money talks.

“Boycott all EU produce & products.”

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Speaking to last week, Mr Hill said British goods were becoming “increasingly difficult” to source in the bloc.

On top of that, in Switzerland – which is not part of the EU – they are also becoming more scarce, he claimed.

Mr Hill – who wants Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to replace Boris Johnson as Prime Minister – told “This is a deliberate policy.

“If you live here every week more Swiss and British and French products are replaced by German products in the big grocery chains.

“Only small shops and online shops sell better-quality or well-known brands from places other than Germany.”

Referring to the additional checks, Mr Hill suggested the general trend to reduce the reliance on the EU as a trading partner should be welcomed.

He explained: “If you live in Britain you should be relieved that our trade is no longer 40 percent passing through a single choke point at Dover and then foreign heavy trucks polluting Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Berkshire, Hertfordshire, Middlesex, Essex and all points beyond.

“We should start buying from distant markets and use all the container ports around the British Isles.

“That would reduce our pollution faster than any green theory. Long sea journeys, short rail or road journeys to deliver from the ports.”

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