‘Our fish were stolen!’ John Redwood savages EU as he predicts victory for Brexit Britain

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Tory MP John Redwood predicted Brexit Britain would be prosperous if it moved away from previously restrictive EU policies. While speaking on Brexit Watch with Jonathan Saxty, Mr Redwood insisted the UK’s fish had been stolen due to the Common Fisheries Policy. He added that if the EU completely cuts ties with the bloc it can afford to energise the country with new strategies in food production and manufacturing.

He said: “I say to the Prime Minister and others, out of the single market, let us grow much more of our own food.

“We do this by having an agricultural policy that supports British farmers producing the food that at the moment comes from the Netherlands, Spain or France.

“Let us catch more of our own fish and process fish in Britain.

“This is because they are our fish and they were stolen from us by the Common Fisheries Policy.”

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Mr Redwood also highlighted the benefits of manufacturing more goods in the UK rather than abroad.

He said: “Let us produce more of our own cars for the domestic market.

“That is because we do not sell many of the cars that are used here by British people.

“Let us encourage our people to have popular models here that are made in British factories and sold to the British people.

“Then it is a win-win and to do that you need tax cuts.

“To do that you may need a different approach to state aid and you want intelligent procurement by the British state.

Mr Redwood also highlighted his hopes and predictions for Britain going forward without the EU.

He continued: “I think Brexit is a huge opportunity.

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“I want out of the single market, I think the single market has been exceptionally damaging to the United Kingdom.

“It has been skewed, it produced a set of rules which helped German car makers and French food producers but didn’t help British service providers.

“So we have run this massive balance of payments deficit for years and years with the EU because of the rules of the single market.”

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