One of the reasons they were so keen Campbells questionable reason Brits backed Brexit

Brexit: UK made move 'over tax avoidance' says Campbell

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Journalist Alastair Campbell has announced supporters of Brexit rushed to leave the EU in an effort to avoid “moves against the use of tax havens.”

The former Labour campaign director suggested that pro-Brexit voters and politicians wanted to escape harsh moves by the EU to tackle tax avoidance. 

Mr Campbell declared he was “suspicious” of Brexit supporters who fought to rush the EU departure following the 2016 referendum.

The journalist denounced pro-Brexit politicians, including Chancellor Rishi Sunak, and suggested their political aims had more to do with the protection of their personal finances than benefits to the wider UK population.

“One of the reasons why Brexiteers were so keen on Brexit was because the European Union was about to bring in moves against tax avoidance, moves against the use of tax havens,” claimed Campbell.

In January of 2016, the EU Commission presented a proposal to tighten measures against tax avoidance among member nations.

Former Labour spokesman Campbell suggested this prompted self-interested politicians and pro-Brexiteers to campaign and vote for EU departure in an effort to defend their personal assets.

He added: “I do think that is perhaps part of the reason why Rishi Sunak ultimately fought so hard for Brexit.”

Campbells allegations follow controversy surrounding the tax status of Sunak’s wife, Akshata Murthy.

Murthy, who is the daughter of an Indian billionaire businessman, has avoided paying millions in income tax by claiming non-domicile status in the UK.

Sunak has defended his household’s tax status and has written to Prime Minister Boris Johnson to request an independent review into his tax declarations.

Campbell demanded  the Chancellor “stop playing the victim” and face the public “scrutiny” following the recent tax revelations.

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Campbell criticised the Chancellor for “hiding away” since the information on his wife’s tax status has come to light.

Information also emerged that the Chancellor held a United States green card, entitling him to residency in the US.

This revelation has invited further speculation about the Chancellor’s support for Brexit as the green card would allow Sunak to retain foreign working privileges that were comparatively revoked from UK citizens with the EU departure.

Campbell demanded the Chancellor “face the questions,” surrounding his pro-Brexit stance and tax status. He explained the “big league of public life and politics” requires politicians to address public disapproval.

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The ex Labour campaign director openly condemned the Conservative party for failing to deliver election promises.

Campbell explained the nation is “angry” and struggling to cope with “extra tax” as the cost of living rockets across Europe.

He clarified the Tory election manifesto “promised the contrary,” as Conservatives pledged to support the UK population by freezing increases on the rate of income tax, VAT and national insurance.

Campbell declared the Chancellor should act urgently to “put himself in front of MPs and face these questions,” rather than “bleating about the treatment that he’s getting himself”.

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