‘No idea who he is’ Starmer humiliated as Labour struggles to make a mark among voters

Keir Starmer: Lancashire resident fails to recognise leader

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On a visit to East Lancashire with Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, Sky News political editor Beth Rigby asked a member of the public if they knew who Keir Starmer was. They said they did not while another business owner in the town told Sky News he liked Boris Johnson for being “borderline semi-normal“. The response from the public comes as Labour faces a “headwind” according to Starmer as the Prime Minister bounces off a successful vaccination programme which has buoyed support for the government in Red Wall areas which Labour are keen to win back.

One member of the public was asked by Beth Rigby if they knew who Keir Starmer was.

They replied: “No… No idea.”

While another business owner said: “To be honest with you I think he’s (Starmer) just another one, so they’re all of the same similar breed, going to do the same similar job.

“I think it’s down to individual characters and there is still the big divide between Westminster and the rest of the world.”

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The business owner concluded by saying: “To be honest I quite like Boris Johnson, as a character, I think he is borderline semi-normal!”

Earlier Keir Starmer told Sky News’ Beth Rigby of the challenges that face the Labour Party in Thursday’s elections and Hartlepool’s by-election.

Sir Keir said: “We are sailing into a very strong headwind because there is undoubtedly a vaccine bounce for the government.

“But we’ve lost four elections and therefore over a longer-term, there has been a sense that the Labour party is not close enough to those communities, to those that we want to vote for us.”

Keir Starmer grilled on his 'likability' as Labour leader

He added: “I do think that can be done in one general election cycle and that’s what we are doing.”

“I’ve got a huge task ahead of me – taking the Labour Party from where we were, the worse result since 1935… it’s a huge task.”

Starmer added: “I do believe that we are making progress and heading in the right direction.”

But Conservative MP Jake Berry told Sky News he was not confident in Keir Starmer and Labour’s attempts at winning back the Red Wall which the Tories smashed down at the 2019 General Election.


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The Tory added: “Unless he can show that he can reverse, not just hold his place, but reverse the roads that we’ve already made into the Red Wall.”

“I think people within his won party will really start asking the question: Is this sort of metropolitan representing the elite leader the person that can win back the Red Wall for Labour and I think the answer sadly for Keir Starmer is absolutely not.”

Elections will take place across the United Kingdom on May 6 as Britons go to the polls in mayoral, local and national elections in Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland.

Big positions up for grabs include the Mayor of London job and the Hartlepool constituency which is holding a by-election to elect a new MP following the resignation of Labour’s Mike Hill who left his position following allegations of sexual harassment and victimisation.

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