Nicola Sturgeon panic: Fears new ‘Alliance for Independence’ party could ‘split’ SNP vote

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SNP veteran Dave Thompson recently announced he would be quitting Nicola Sturgeon’s party and launching the Alliance for Independence party in Scotland. While on BBC Radio 4’s World at One with Sarah Montague, the former MSP dismissed claims his new party had the potential to split the SNP vote. Ms Montague claimed Ms Sturgeon has admitted her scepticism of this new party and what it could mean for the SNP’s future.

Ms Montague said: “Is there also something you are unhappy with regarding Nicola Sturgeon’s leadership?

“She has warned of the dangers of this split.

“She said there was something odd about this, not least the various criticisms for the SNP.

“Is it partly the fact that Nicola Sturgeon is not pushing hard enough that is encouraging you to do this?”

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Mr Thompson insisted there was no ulterior motive to his choice to start his own party.

He added his new party had the potential to better secure independence for Scotland with the combined might of the SNP.

He replied: “I have been in the SNP for a long time and I love the SNP.

“Unfortunately you cannot be a member of another party and keep your membership of the SNP.

“So I will be leaving when we officially launch.”

Mr Thompson added he had no personal issues with Nicola Sturgeon and said he believed she truly wanted independence.

He said: “I have no particular issue with Nicola Sturgeon.

“I am quite convinced she wants Scottish independence.

“What we want to do is help her to get it.

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“We want to ensure that on top of the majority I think the SNPs will get in the constituencies alone, because of the current polling, we can add another 20 plus seats to that.”

Ms Montague asked Mr Thompson what he felt the likelihood would be that Scotland would soon get independence.

He replied: “I absolutely believe the chances of securing Scottish independence are better than ever.

“Scotland is as close now as it has ever been to independence.

“I am confident that we will win it in the next year or so.”

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