Nicola Sturgeon nightmare as former Yes voter U-turns on referendum: Glad I was wrong!

Sturgeon slammed by Christys for SNP’s record on healthcare

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Craig Edward took to Twitter on the seventh anniversary of the 2014 independence referendum to slam the Scottish First Minister’s relentless campaign to leave the Union. Even more shockingly, Mr Edward – who described himself as an NHS employee on Twitter – admitted to voting for separation during the first vote.

During the crunch poll Scots voted by a margin of 55 percent to 45 percent to remain in the UK.

Despite the resounding result, Ms Sturgeon has since used Brexit as an excuse to justify a second vote – dubbed Indyref2.

Since the SNP entered into a coalition with the Scottish Greens in Holyrood, Mr Sturgeon said she hopes to hold a vote “before the end of 2023″.

Polls currently have the result on a knife-edge – making the former Yes voter’s admission even more worrying for the SNP.

Mr Edward tweeted: “Seven years ago today, I voted Yes.

“I’m glad I was wrong.

“Separation does not solve Scotland’s problems, in fact, it’ll make things worse under the SNP.

“If another referendum is called, I will campaign passionately for No.

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“We are stronger as one, United Kingdom. #YestoNo.”

His tweet quickly attracted dozens of comments, likes and shares.

User Gillian Blair echoed his sentiment.

She wrote: “Yep same here, I thought she was good when she became the FM (First Minister) but she has done nothing but cause division and hatred in Scotland, while running the country into the ground.

“Will not make the same mistake again.”

A user called Steven wrote: “Same Craig. Ashamed to say I voted SNP years ago too.”

Another pro-Union account called “SNP don’t speak for me” also slammed the First Minister’s premiership.

They wrote: “Information wasn’t as readily available 7 years ago.

“They played on people’s emotions with the first vote. They still are but people are becoming wise to it.”

Ms Sturgeon appeared to pay little heed to his warning.

Earlier today she tweeted: “For those of us backing #Yes, this day 7 years ago was hopeful, emotional, exhausting and, ultimately, heartbreaking. Scotland today is on a journey.

“If we persuade and inspire, I have no doubt it’s a journey that will reach the independence destination soon #StillYes #indyref2.”

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