Neil Ferguson warns UK could hit 200,000 new Covid infections PER DAY in coming weeks

Neil Ferguson issues warning about covid hospitalisations

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Boris Johnson has insisted Britons should not be complacent and continue to exercise caution as the coronavirus continues to pose a threat to the vulnerable and the unvaccinated. Despite warnings from the scientific community about maintaining certain precautions to limit the spread of the virus, most regulations will be completely lifted across England from Monday, July 19. But epidemiologist Prof Neil Ferguson told BBC host Andrew Marr it is “almost inevitable” daily cases of COVID-19 will once again surge to 100,000 – with the potential of the daily infections reaching 200,000.

Prof Ferguson said: “It’s very difficult to say for certain but I think 100,000 a day is almost inevitable.

“We’ve got two things happening next week – we’ve got the relaxation on Monday but, significantly, we also have school holidays starting on Thursday.

“We’ve seen a lot of transmission between teenagers and that probably…those contact rates will tick down. We’re in a position, and the SAGE summary of the modeling last week,

The epidemiologist also suggested hospitalisation could once again hit 2,000 unless appropriate measures are adopted, with daily infections rates potentially hitting 200,000 in the coming weeks.

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