Nadhim Zahawi slams Starmer’s ‘hypocrisy’ over demands PM quit over partygate

Boris Johnson 'won't be re-elected' as PM says Campbell

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Both Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson are under investigation for breaking coronavirus restrictions during lockdowns. While Boris Johnson received a fixed penalty notice for taking part in a birthday party at Downing Street during the first lockdown, Keir Starmer is still being investigated for having a beer with colleagues in a constituency office. When asked what Starmer should do if police finds he has also broken the law and receives a fine, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahami dodged the question on Times Radio, saying: “We should let the police carry out the investigation.”

But Secretary Zahami then lashed out: “I do think though that the public will be uncomfortable with the hypocrisy.

“I think he’s used one in three of his PMQs to talk about parties instead of focusing on the cost of living.

“He has tweeted himself saying that you know, if you’re under investigation, a criminal investigation, then you should resign.”

Sir Keir Starmer called on Boris Johnson to resign after the police investigation found he broke the law and received a fixed penalty notice.

“The Conservatives are totally unfit to govern. Britain deserves better”, Keir Starmer added.

Secretary Zahami continued: “So, he needs to come out and say…

The radio host cut him off, saying: “so why didn’t Boris Johnson resign?”

“All I’m saying to you is the Prime Minister came to Parliament and said he will answer questions”, Secretary Zahami answered.

“He explained his position.

“But Sir Keir was the only one who actually said that he should resign, and you need to put that question to them. 

Secretary Zahami added: “All I would say, the important thing, as I’m sure every cabinet minister will say to you and the minister at some point, it’s important for the police to carry out their investigation.

“Let’s wait for that before we jump to any conclusions.”

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When pressed on why the Conservatives have lost long-standing Tory councils, Secretary Zahami argued it’s a “combination” of factors.

“You know, we are midterm through this parliament. We’ve come through a pandemic.

“And of course, we’re in the middle of a global fight against inflation, and a spike in energy prices.

“We’re exasperated by the illegal war in the Ukraine, the illegal invasion of Ukraine and so people are clearly feeling the pinch of that global fight against inflation.

“The Europeans have got a similar high inflation rate as the Americans.”

According to the Education Secretary, the Government will announce a plan for the economic recovery, a plan for jobs and a plan to deal with the NHS backlog next week.

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