Morons…Just morons! Seething woman in wild rant at petrol panic buyers

UK drivers exasperated by panic buying of petrol

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BBC Radio 4 spoke with disgruntled motorists who relied on petrol to get to work or to carry out their jobs with many angry at the panic buying at the pumps. One motorist explained they do over 600 miles a week for their work and will be unable to earn money without a full car. But one furious woman spared no niceties on the panic buyers during a foul-mouthed rant and told the station how she would fix the problem.

Speaking on Radio 4, one angry driver explained they would be unable to work if they could not fill up their car.

They told the station: “Without diesel, I can’t work as [I am] travelling all over the country.”

They were then asked how the scenes at the garages made them feel.

They continued: “Very worried, without diesel in the car, I do around 600 miles a week and without it, there is no money or income.”

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Another driver was interviewed and was worried about how he may come across by queuing for the garages.

He explained: “People are branded as idiots and things like that, I don’t want to be branded as an idiot, I’ve got work.”

One raging woman also shared her thoughts and told Radio 4: “It’s unacceptable, I mean I’d like to actually know how many of these people really need fuel.

“If you have half a tank you should not be able to put fuel in.

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“Because I’ve got no fuel and I’d like to know how many of these other people have got no fuel.

“I know a lot of other people… my husband has had a very expensive work job cancelled because his work colleague cannot get fuel to go to the site.

“Morons, it’s as simple as that, they’re morons, no other words for it.”

Shortages of HGV drivers have caused supply chain issues across the country with some shops and petrol garages seeing shortages.

BP was forced to close a small handful of garages which has stimulated the public to go to the pumps and fill up their cars.

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Petrol garages are now reporting shortages and are being forced to closes because of the panic buying with some garages seeing a week’s worth of petrol being sold over 24 hours.

The Road Haulage Association (RHA) says over 100,000 more HGV drivers are needed in the UK to meet demand.

The RHA say around 20,000 drivers left the UK because of “Brexit reasons” with many more Britons also leaving the sector.

A combination of the pandemic, testing backlogs and changes in labour have also been blamed for the shortfall.

Chair of the Transport Select Committee Huw Merriman appeared on Radio 4 and laid the blame on the private sector for not addressing working conditions that have turned off workers.

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