Lib Dems admit to calling Brexit voters stupid, racist and evil – We can find it funny

Lib Dem official discusses Brexit debate and Leave voters

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Brexiteers were treated in a “malicious” way and dismissed as “gammon” – a sneery insult for older voters on the right.

The admission was made at the Lib Dem party conference during a training session to stop members being biased.

Candy Piercy, who helped found the party and sits on its governing federal board, admitted members have mocked voters who backed leaving.

She told an “unconscious bias” training session for members: “If you think about it, during the Brexit debate, an awful lot of the debate that happened characterises, amongst Lib Dems, often characterise Leave voters as stupid, racist, ill-educated, evil characters. And a caricature.

“And we can find it funny but actually it’s malicious funny and it is bias and it’s encapsulated in the use of the word gammon.”

The Lib Dems insisted they respect everyone’s views.

A spokesman said: “Unconscious bias has contributed to the growing polarisation of our politics. Sessions like this are aimed at challenging people’s preconceptions, no matter how uncomfortable that may be, and promoting respectful debate.

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“We respect the views of everyone, regardless of how they voted in the referendum six years ago.”

But a Tory source said: “These incredibly insulting remarks show the Lib Dems are the same as ever – still in denial about Brexit, backward-looking and out of touch with the ordinary working people of this country.”

The Lib Dems repeatedly tried to block Britain’s exit from the European Union and are committed” to being members of the bloc again.

Lib Dem leader Sir Ed Davey said his party will be key to ousting Boris Johnson today as he addressed members at the autumn conference.

He said the “electoral arithmetic is clear” that the Tories can only be defeated if Lib Dems take seats off them.

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