Keep em coming Liz! Truss sparks delight as she closes in on NZ post-Brexit trade deal

UK has moved to ‘offensive’ trade position says Liz Truss

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The deal could see lower prices on products from New Zealand including wine.

Commenting on this website, one reader said: “Keep em coming Liz. Cheaper New Zealand wine means there’s no need to buy that EU muck.”

Another wrote: “Liz Truss is delivering the promise of Brexit and Global Britain. It scares the EU and their supporters.”

A third posted: “Excellent news well done Liz Brexit winning.”

Another commented: “Reduced reliance on the EU is the answer to Britains brighter future. Keep it going. Ignore the doomsters and naysayers. The less the UK has to do with the EU, the better.”

A fifth added: “Well done Liz…….”

But some readers had a different opinion, with one writing: “Not a single deal that we have done is better than the ones that we had as EU members. Some are worse.”

Ms Truss said her team is working “round the clock” to finalise the agreement with New Zealand.

She said: “We are working round the clock to get this deal done in the coming weeks.

“We are both big fans of each other’s high-quality products, so this could be a huge boost that allows British shoppers to enjoy lower prices and British exports to be even more competitive.

“New Zealand and the UK are natural partners united by modern values.

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“An agreement would reflect those ideals and is a win-win for both countries.

“It would also be an important step towards our accession to CPTPP (Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership), helping the UK gain access to 11 of the world’s biggest and fastest-growing economies across the Pacific region and opening doors to dynamic markets across the world.”

A post-Brexit free trade deal could see prices lowered on New Zealand wine, including Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir, which are currently slapped with tariffs of up to 20p per bottle.

The price of apples and Manuka honey could also be slashed, with more than £42 million of the fruit imported from New Zealand in 2020 and more than £32 million of honey brought in, despite coming with tariffs of 8 percent and 16 percent respectively.

The associated tariffs could be wiped out as part of a free trade agreement, the Government said.

Officials said “good progress” had been made following the end of the sixth round of trade talks with Wellington last month as confidence grows about striking a deal.

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