Its your job, for Gods sake! IDS savaged in heated live radio row over cost crisis

Iain Duncan Smith shut down by Eddie Mair during fiery chat on LBC

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Eddie Mair shut down Iain Duncan Smith’s defence of the perceived Government incompetence in getting to grips with the soaring cost of living currently squeezing Briton’s living standards. The LBC radio presenter repeatedly interrupted the former Tory leader and eventually felt the need to remind the MP that it was in fact the Government’s job to help with Britons amid the cost of living crisis. 

“Look here’s the key, you need to know what you are doing. You need to know where the money is going.

“Government can’t go just wham! We are going to chuck money at it.”

He continued: “You need to make sure as the Government is right now doing working out who the at-risk families are, where that money should go. How will you get it to them quickly?

“You don’t know the answer to those basic questions!” blasted Mair.

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“No, you don’t know the answer to those basic questions, because you can’t see each individual family’s needs.”

“You’re the Government, it is your job – for God’s sake,” erupted Mair. 

The LBC presenter also pressed Sir Iain on the Government’s proposals to wait for a new Prime Minister to be voted in before agreeing on a cost crisis plan as “really not good enough”.

“Well I don’t agree with you Eddie, I’m afraid,” Sir Iain replied.

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“Yes, there is a significant problem facing key people, most in society, but very much those who have difficulty. I set up Universal Credit.”

“That’s not going to help them,”  interrupted Mair. 

Sir Iain said: “Eddie, just let me finish.” 

“No, I’m not going to let you say Universal Credit. It’s not enough,” interjected the LBC host. 

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The Conservative former minister, who supports Liz Truss to be the next party leader, recently warned recession on top of the cost-of-living crisis would be an “utter human disaster”

He told Sky News: “Liz Truss has been crystal clear from the beginning that should the need arise, she will do whatever is necessary.

“But right now, on a campaign, it’s not feasible for two candidates to literally make up amounts of money on the back of an envelope. What she wants to do on day one to start with is to make sure that we reduce the burden of taxation because why?

“Right now we face the potential of a recession. If you have a recession on top of this cost-of-living crisis it would be an utter human disaster. We need to avoid recession at all costs in the course of this winter, we need to do something about that, that’s where lower tax is important.”

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