‘In a league of his own!’ Nigel Farage voted most popular politician by readers

Nigel Farage hits back at bank over account closure

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has been voted as the favourite UK politician in a new poll of Express.co.uk readers. Despite no longer being involved in frontline politics, the staunch Brexiteer won the support of more than a quarter of readers.

In response to Jeremy Corbyn being declared the most popular current or former Labour Party leader in a new YouGov survey, Express.co.uk ran a poll from 12.30pm on Wednesday, July 5, to 11am on Friday, July 6, asking: “Who is your favourite UK politician?”

Overall, 6,175 votes were received with Mr Farage coming out on top with 27 percent (1,662 people) backing him.

Former Prime Minister Boris Johnson came in a close second with 25 percent (1,552 people) declaring him as their favourite.

In the hundreds of comments left below the accompanying article, many readers shared their support for Mr Farage, with username methuselah describing him as “the best politician of his generation”.

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Another, username faragefan remarked: “Farage is in a league of his own, and long may he be on the British political scene!”

While username DoggyDay wrote: “Without doubt Nigel Farage ‘the man of the people’ who has influenced the political scene the most since Churchill!”

And username PietPompies added “Boris and Nigel are miles ahead,” of the rest.

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Mr Corbyn also fared well among Express.co.uk readers receiving 10 percent (622 people) of the vote.

Commenting on his leadership, username mrcrypt2 said: “Obviously Jeremy Corbyn beat all the other Labour leaders, he’s easily the better man.”

Username gbnews2 wrote: “As a lifelong thatcherite I have to vote for Corbyn simply because he believes in what he’s doing.”

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Former Conservative Minister Jacob Rees Mogg and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer each raked in six percent with 392 and 252 people voting for them respectively.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak finished on four percent (252 people) just ahead of Gordon Brown and Tony Blair.

The remaining politicians listed each secured less than three percent of the vote while five percent of readers (315 people) answered “other” and 68 people said they did not know.

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