Huge respect! Hero Ambassador still refusing to evacuate as he shares update from Kabul

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The British Ambassador to Afghanistan has been winning praise over the past few days as he continued to help out Afghans looking for a way out to secure a visa to the UK. Ambassador Bristow shared an update on the situation on his official Twitter account, confirming he is hoping to “scale up” efforts to process as many permits as possible over the next few days. He said: “Hello, my name is Laurie Bristow. I’m the British Ambassador here in Kabul.

“I’ve just stepped out of the evacuation handling centre for a moment.

|We’re putting everything we can into getting British nationals and Afghans who’ve worked with us in the past out of Afghanistan into safety.

“Yesterday we got about 700 people out, we’re trying to scale up the speed, the pace, over the next couple of days.

“We’ll put everything we can on this over the next few days, try to get out everyone we need to get to safety as soon as we can.”

Ambassador Bristow also shared photos of his remaining staff hard at work in a safe compound at Kabul Airport, where many international diplomats were forced to move after the Taliban retook the capital on Sunday.

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