Hes been banging on for weeks! GB News guest says Keir Starmer party claims stink

GB News guest says Keir Starmer party claims 'stink'

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Academic Joanna Williams sat down with a guest panel to discuss the front page of the Daily Mail. The newspaper has published pictures of Labour leader Keir Starmer at a party during the lockdown last year. Ms Williams claimed his behaviour stank, as he had banged on about Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s rules breaks. Ms Williams also labelled the lack of investigation into the Labour lockdown rule breaks hypocrisy.

Ms Williams told GB News: “I mean I’m very conflicted on this story because, on the one hand, I couldn’t care less.

“Who had a slice of cake, you know, most of the quotes are kind of funny.

“Because they say Keir Starmer had some sips of beer, you know I’d have a bit more respect for him if he downed the whole bottle in one.

“But on the one hand, I couldn’t care less, who cares? But at the same time, Keir Starmer has milked this.

“You know he’s banged on and on about who in number 10 had a slice of cake, when and where with who.

“For weeks now and not only that but Keir Starmer and the Labour party were there banging on making sure that lockdowns were kind of tighter.

“More restrictions, lasting longer, very championed lockdowns every single step of the way.

“And now they’re turning around and saying, well don’t accuse us of having done anything wrong.

“It’s the hypocrisy once again that I think really stinks.”


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