He marched me off! Moment Javid drags Sky reporter to get Covid booster jab after chat

Sajid Javid tells Jon Craig to get his booster

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Sajid Javid on Monday extended to all Britons over 18 the possibility to book their coronavirus booster jab as the UK takes additional precautions to avoid the Omicron variant of Covid sparking a new wave. Sky News reporter Jon Craig discussed the recent change of rules for booking the booster vaccination before admitting he himself had gotten the jab on Monday afternoon. Mr Craig then shared footage of the aftermath of his latest interview with the Health Secretary showing Mr Sajid had personally walked him to get jabbed.

In the video, the Health Secretary can be seen asking the Sky News reporter whether he got the booster already.

Mr Craig explained he had yet to book it because of only getting the second dose in June – meaning under old rules he would have had to wait until December to get the booster dose.

Following the interview, Mr Sajid said: “Go get boosted – have you got boosted yet?”

Mr Craig replied: “No, I’m 64 and I still haven’t had it. I got Covid at the Hartlepool by-election and so I didn’t have my second until June 14. So under the six-month rule that takes me to December 14.”

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The Health Secretary interrupted: “But under the new rules. You’d be ok. Do you want me to go with you? Come on, I’ll walk with you, let’s do it. You ready?”

Back in the studio, Mr Craig said: “He did. He marched me off. And I just revealed my age on TV.

Mr Sajid updated the House of Commons on the latest information about the Omicron variant of the coronavirus, which was first reported last week and prompted the British Government into restricting safety measures to avoid a new wave of the pandemic.

The Tory frontbencher insisted additional details will be forthcoming and the UK is ready to lift restrictions should the new variant prove to be not as virulent as some scientists fear.


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He said: “Our experience of fighting this virus has shown us that it’s best to act decisively and swiftly when we see a potential threat. Which is why we’re building our defences and putting these measures in place without delay.”

Mr Sajid insisted “we are taking a well-rounded view” looking at the impact of the measures on the virus, economy, education, and non-Covid health.

He added: “I’m confident that these responses that we’ve set out today, they are balances and responsible steps that are proportionate to the threat that we face.”

“We always knew there would be bumps in the road, but this is not a time to waver, it’s a time to be vigilant and to think about what each and everyone one of us can do to slow the spread of this new variant”.

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