Guy Verhofstadt demands EU member states lose vetoes in power grab bid

Guy Verhofstadt says he wants the return of UK in EU

Guy Verhofstadt has called for EU member states to lose their veto power.

The Belgian MEP demanded changes to European treaties to reform the decision-making process as the bloc looks to enlarge.

Mr Verhofstadt singled out the unanimity rule which means all 27 countries must agree before Brussels can make decisions in sensitive areas such as foreign policy and tax.

It can lead to bitter wrangling and any single member state can use its veto to torpedo a proposal.

Mr Verhofstadt said: “Can you imagine a Europe with 35 members without reshaping the Commission and with the unanimity rule intact? Totally unworkable!”

He added: “If we open negotiations with candidate member states, we also need to open the debate on treaty reform.”

His comments come after European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen addressed the possibility of treaty changes in her State of the Union speech in the European Parliament earlier today.

She said: “I will always support this House – and all of those who want to reform the EU and make it work better for citizens.

“And yes, that means including through a European Convention and treaty change if and where it is needed.”

But she added that Brussels “cannot… wait for treaty change to move ahead with enlargement”.

It comes as the debate is raging within the bloc over a timeline for welcoming new members.

Ms von der Leyen has rejected European Council President Charles Michel’s call for a 2030 deadline.

Eight countries – Turkey, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Albania, Moldova, Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina – currently hold candidate status.

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