Government to resist Extinction Rebellion and Insulate Britains ludicrous calls

Kwasi Kwarteng discusses struggling energy suppliers

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With an Environmental Performance Index (EPI) of 81.3, the UK was in the top 5 most environmentally friendly countries in 2020. According to Kwasi Kwarteng, the current Secretary of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, those good results are proof that the UK “gets it.”

“The innovative and entrepreneurial genius of British companies is already supporting this clean transition,” he writes for The Telegraph.

As he introduced his plan for COP26, Mr Kwarteng also mentioned the work of two green organisations who have chosen to occupy spaces illegally to promote their message instead of just marching.

“We are actively resisting the ludicrous calls from Extinction Rebellion and road-blocking Insulate Britain who think the answer is excessive state intervention and eye-watering intrusion into people’s lives,” wrote the Business Secretary.

Protesters from Insulate Britain have been very visible over the past month as they continue to obstruct major British highways.

The campaigning organisation has been calling for a national programme to ensure homes are insulated to be low energy by 2030.

It has blocked major roads around London in recent weeks, including the M1, M4 and M25.

Mr Kwarteng’s strategy is to promote a greener market economy where UK business would innovate and drive new markets and opportunities.

“Let’s ensure the United Kingdom becomes a producer and exporter, rather than a customer and importer,” Mr Kwarteng said.

“The way to fix this problem isn’t through a planned economy, but through the British way: science, innovation and new technology powered on by private enterprise and the sheer beauty of capitalism.

“We understand the power of our treasured free-market economy to leverage private capital and unleash Britain’s unique entrepreneurial spirit to develop new technologies and grow new industries.”

The Energy Secretary, as an answer to the recent fuel shortages the country had to face, suggests that the UK stops depending on other countries for energy.

“Recent volatile gas prices across the world have brought home even further the urgent need to end our dependency on fossil fuels, particularly foreign oil and gas,” he wrote.

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“Relying on other countries for our energy supply is simply not sustainable and leaves the British people at the mercy of excessive global price fluctuations that are completely out of our control.”

“We want to ensure our own energy independence by generating nuclear, wind, hydrogen and solar in this country.”

“We need to move to a home-grown, sovereign energy system where we can power our country through renewables generated in this country, rather than elsewhere.”

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