George Galloway promises ‘nightmare will soon be over’ in explosive SNP attack

George Galloway says SNP have ‘mountain range’ of issues to fix

The former Labour and Respect Party MP said the SNP Government has “gravely damaged” Scotland and insisted “relief” for Scots was on its way. Mr Galloway, who is the leader of the Workers Party of Britain, is also working with the Alliance for Unity group to stop the SNP winning at the Holyrood election.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Galloway said: “The SNP minority government which has gravely damaged our country on all levels is this morning on the brink.

“Relief is at hand. The nightmare will soon be over.

“Stay tuned @Alliance4Unity.”

His post during the early hours of Friday morning, came as it was reported a Scottish Government official asked to change an account of when they knew about harassment complaints against former first minister Alex Salmond, which he has always denied.

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Sky News reported an unnamed official – who works for Nicola Sturgeon – asked for a press statement to be changed relating to the claims.

The Scottish Government launched an investigation into Mr Salmond’s alleged behaviour in 2017.

The Court of Session in Edinburgh ruled the investigation was “tainted by apparent” bias due to prior communication between investigating officer Judith Mackinnon and two of the women who came forward, resulting in a £512,250 payout in legal expenses to Mr Salmond.

Nicola Sturgeon has come under fire as to when she knew about complaints made against Mr Salmond’s alleged behaviour, and if she misled Parliament about this.

In response, a Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “We can’t comment on written submissions that have not been published by the committee and that we have not seen.”

The SNP is hoping to win a fourth successive term in power at the Holyrood elections which are scheduled to take place on May 6.

Ms Sturgeon has vowed to hold a second Scottish independence referendum if her party wins a majority in parliament.

The SNP secured a third straight term in office following the 2016 vote after winning 63 seats – but lost their majority.

Ms Sturgeon’s party fell two seats short of the 65 seats needed after losing six seats compared to 2011.

Mr Galloway has previously condemned the SNP for trying to hold a second independence referendum during the coronavirus crisis, stating “only an idiot would choose to have a divisive constitutional referendum in the middle of a pandemic”.

Speaking to RT UK earlier this week, the 66-year-old said he believed Indyref2 would not take place citing the vote was a “once in a generation opportunity” and not every six years.

Mr Galloway said: “Don’t forget the SNP are a minority government they are reliant on the Green Party which is really just their gardening section to keep them in power.


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“I believe that there will be political changes at Holyrood in May but in any case, there will be no referendum.

“They said and they signed for a referendum which was a once in a generation opportunity

“Now six-years is not a generation even in the lift of a domestic rabbit.”

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