GB News presenter tears apart Rwanda migration plan – Believe it when I see it!

Rwanda: Smugglers 'reassuring migrants' says Saunders

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Asylum seekers will be told this week they could be sent to Rwanda as part of the Government’s latest deportation policy, the Home Office has confirmed. Migrants who crossed the Channel in small boats are among those who will be notified that they face a one-way ticket to the East African nation, the department said, with first flights expected “in the coming months”. But Patrick Christys has explained why he is “sceptical” of the move.

He said: “This Rwanda deal. I’m becoming increasingly sceptical. And the reason why I’m becoming increasingly sceptical is because of headlines like this: First illegal migrants to be told about relocation this week.

“Then the line underneath, in much smaller print, reads: First flights expected to leave in the coming months.

“So people who arrive here illegally may or may not be told they’re going to Rwanda and they may or may not be sent there in the next few month.

“It’s hardly convincing is it? And it’s hardly a deterrent.”

He continued: “We need to get a move on.

“But now we’re already being told about future plans. There’ll be more Rwanda-style deals!

“Ok, so what does that mean? As it currently stands that still means no deportations.

“It still means no deterrent. In fact, this pathetic line came out today: There is a hope the scheme will soon deter further people from making Channel crossings.

“That won’t happen until we see planes taking off. In terms of this Rwanda deal, I’ll believe it when I see it.”

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