GB News: Nigel Farage witnesses migrants throwing phones into Channel in expensive taxi

GB News: Expert breaks down immigration situation after Brexit

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The former UKIP leader, who was travelling in a boat observing the migrants, questioned why “legitimate migrants” threw their mobiles into the choppy water. Mr Farage described the migrant boat’s escort from the French Navy and the UK Border Force as a “very expensive taxi service for criminal trafficking gangs”.

The former Brexit party leader added that the number coming across the channel were increasing and that if the “Rwanda policy” was “going to work they’d better get started pretty damn quickly”.

He said: “Another morning in the channel it’s 5:30, there’s the Dover lifeboat going out. There are naval vessels in the channel already. Border force will be out soon.

“There are drones going up, there is a helicopter up every single day , this is a massive operation.

“We talk about the 5 million pounds a day that it costs to put people in hotels, goodness knows what this costs every single day.

 “We’re right on the edge now of French and British waters. There’s no naval vessel, there’s no border force vessel, no lifeboat vessel because they’re busy.

“That’s because of the traffickers’ greed this boat is completely overloaded with people. We’ve just called in the coastguard, we’ve called this one in.

“Everyone on board there is safe. It looked to me like a couple of women and 18 men, something like that.

“So actually one of the traditional ones that crosses the channel, the bigger ones, tend to have 40 on.

“All the assets are being used and I can’t help thinking this isn’t anything but a very expensive taxi service for criminal trafficking gangs.”

Mr Farage then went on to describe a report that he had received earlier in the day that a man on one of the migrant boats had thrown his jacket into the sea.

He said: “Somebody on one of the ferries saw the guy take off his coat and chuck it in the sea, so that he could not later be identified.

“These are the kind of trips we are seeing in the English Channel.

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“We have now seen in the last couple of minutes three of the people on that boat throwing their mobile phones into the water.

“It was interesting, one of them, I won’t say who, we saw on the telephone, basically describing who we were. Clearly speaking to somebody in England of that I’ve got no doubt at all.

“Three of them we’ve seen throwing their phones into the water. If these were legitimate refugees why would they need to do that?

“I don’t know what kind of assets we’re going to need in the English Channel in June and July of this year?

“The numbers are going up and up and if the Rwanda policy is going to work they’d better get started pretty damn quickly.”

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