GB News: Dan Wootton slams Labour/Lib Dem pact as ‘a nightmare Brits cannot stomach’

GB News: Dan Wootton and panel debate Keir Starmer

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Conservative party chairman Oliver Dowden accused the two parties of uniting in an electoral pact to harm the Tories in the upcoming elections. Mr Dowden wrote a letter to the Labour leader Keir Starmer to demand a response to the allegation that the supposed plans of a pact will “deny voters a proper democratic choice”. He said: “There has been a considerable amount of media reporting of the existence of an electoral pact between Labour and the Liberal Democrats in recent months.

“It now appears that your plans to deny voters a proper democratic choice are coming to fruition.”

The analysis in his letter shows Labour is standing candidates in 61 percent of seats in the South West compared to 97 percent in 2018. 

In the South East they are standing candidates in 88 percent of seats instead of 99 percent and it seems the Lib Dems are doing the same for Labour in the north. 

The GB News host asked: “Can you imagine the nightmare of a Labour/Lib Dem coalition?

“I got thinking today that it would look something a little like this…”

The programme then showed a compilation of famous gaffes from both Lib Dem and Labour members including Dianne Abbott on LBC confusing financial figures for policing, Keir Starmer’s confusion over the definition of ‘woman’ and Lib Dem Nick Clegg apologising and backtracking for promising the party would vote against any rise in fees under any circumstances. 

However, the comments of both Mr Wotton and Mr Dowden have received criticism for putting aside the fact that in the 2019 general election, Nigel Farage stood down 317 candidates for the Brexit party to help the Conservatives deliver Brexit and in 2010 Conservative leader David Cameron created a coalition with Liberal Democrat Nick Clegg.

Twitter users have been quick to point this out with Tom Bacon replying to Mr Dowden: “Heh. Nice try, but everybody remembers the deal between the Conservatives and Nigel Farage in the 2019 election. 

“If you consider this undemocratic, then what made the majority of your party win back then?”

Political journalist Kevin Maguire said on the show: “Dozy Dowden overlooked the fact that Labour are standing more candidates in these local elections than the Conservatives… 

“Parties get exhausted in power…sleaze is back on a John Major level, Labour and other parties aren’t blemish free, but it is particularly infecting the Tories.”

He added: “If Britain wants change it’s probably going to have to be the anti-Tory parties as a majority of Brits who are anti-Tory somehow working together.”

Mr Wootton denied the idea and stated: “I don’t think Brits can stomach the idea of a Starmer, Rayner, Davies, Sturgeon hodgepodge…that is a nightmare.” 

Freelance journalist Angela Epstein joined in the debate and agreed with Mr Wootton: “It’s an absolute nightmare on so many levels and it’s classic Kevin that he makes the point by pulling the Tories apart rather than making the point of what the Labour and Lib Dems would do for Britain.

“Remember this progressive vote, if it exists, is not some kind of lard that you smear here and there where you feel like putting it, you know we’re people, we go into the ballot box and we think about what’s going to be good for us.” 

She added: “We don’t need the instability of huge change at the moment, I mean Keir Starmer, it’s a cliché, couldn’t run a bath, never mind run a party.

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Ms Epstein was “personally hurt” by Labour’s antisemitism issues when Jeremy Corbyn was leader of the party and noted Sir Keirs backing of his predecessor and said: “If that is where his judgement is focused then that’s somebody who doesn’t understand what the British people want.”

GB News posted a poll on their Twitter account asking, “Would a Labour/Lib Dem pact be a disaster for Brits?”.

The final results show that out of 3160 votes, 83.1 percent said yes it would be a disaster while 16.9 percent disagreed.

Susan Hall AM, leader of GLA conservatives tweeted: “Would be a complete disaster. Would not be surprised if the greens joined the pact as well.”

In response, Twitter user Chris Houston said “a complete disaster’ is what we have now” and user Mr Phlebas stated: “It’d be majestic, we’d get our great country back.”

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