Farage takes on EU again as Italexit campaign praises him for freeing UK from ‘EU cage’

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Prominent Brexiteer and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage has been hailed a “true British patriot” who “sent away the technocrats from Brussels” by anti-EU campaigner Gianluigi Paragone, a former senator for the anti-establishment 5Star Movement in Italy. Mr Paragone revealed he had met with Mr Farage just before launching his Italexit campaign ‘No Europe for Italy’, which will take place on Thursday, July 23.

The politician has announced the launch of a single-issue party, much like the Brexit Party, to push for Italy to rip itself from the bloc.

He said met Mr Farage to discuss Brexit and the future “of a truly sovereign country” free from the “EU cage”.

Mr Paragone said: “I met Nigel Farage, leader of the Brexit Party in London, who triumphed in the British referendum by bringing the United Kingdom out of the European Union cage.

“A true British patriot, the only one who sent away the technocrats from Brussels.

“I confronted him on the present and future of a truly sovereign country which, even more so after Brexit, is able to give real answers to citizens in the midst of the post-COVID economic crisis.”

Mr Paragone is hoping to capitalise on anti-EU sentiment in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, which has seen Italy ravaged and the epicentre of the crisis.

Announcing his Italexit campaign launch, he warned the EU Italy would not be “blackmailed”.

He added: “This is the way forward: we can no longer be blackmailed by tax havens that allow themselves to offend the great prestige of Italy.

“For this reason, on July 23, at 10 am, in the press room of the Chamber of Deputies, I will officially launch my party for Italexit, presenting the name and logo.”

Mr Farage was at the helm of the Brexit campaign during the build up to the 2016 EU referendum as the leader of the Ukip Party.

After leaving Ukip, he set up his own party, the Brexit Party, with the sole aim to make sure Britain honoured the vote of the nation and cut ties with the bloc.

Similarly, Mr Paragone is a fierce opponent of the EU and claims the bloc is dominated by the “Franco-German axis in which banks and bureaucracy are favoured to the detriment of the people”.

Mr Paragone started his career in politics as a member of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement.He said the word “Italexit” may figure prominently in the new group’s logo.

It comes after Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte warned that the EU’s very existence would be under threat if countries could not pull together to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

He told the Financial Times newspaper that monetary policies alone would not resolve the issue.

Mr Conte said: “Monetary policy alone cannot solve all problems; we need to do the same on the fiscal front.

“The route to follow is to open ESM (European Stability Mechanism) credit lines to all member states to help them fight the consequences of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

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