EU vaccine ‘catastrophe’ has Remainers seeing bloc’s ‘true colours’, says Tory MP

Vaccine row: Remainers seeing EU's true colours says MP

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The European Union blame game over the bloc’s faltering vaccination programme has changed the mind of Remainers according to the Conservative MP. He insisted that while some pro-EU supporters would remain opposed to Britain taking back control from Brussels, others have had their loyalties questioned. EU bosses have been forced to apologise to citizens after a botched vaccine rollout saw the rate of jabs languish far behind other parts of the World as well as the UK.

Mr Holden told “I think there is always going to be some people who whatever the situation will believe that the European Union is. a great thing and they want to be part of that institution.

“Whatever the practical impacts of that, whatever the impact is it is an ideological position, that is a fair thing to do but I fundamentally disagree with them.

“I think there are some people who would never what anything to do with Europe at all ever again on the other side.

“I think 90 per cent of the public are somewhere in the middle.”

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He continued: “I think within that big group of people in the middle we have seen a real shift over the last year or so.

“Where they have seen the way that the European Union tried to play games just in the run-up to that final Brexit right in December when they closed the borders.

“I think they have seen that again and particularly nastily with this vaccine issue over the last few weeks.

“What I heard during the general election from people, people like my dad but people across my constituency even if they had voted Remain and were a moderate remain voter. They said well we have just got to get on with it now.

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The Tory MP added: “But I think that has even gone another level now and I think that people who’d even at the general election thought well I would still actually go remain, I think they are starting to see more and more the true colour of the European Union.

“I think this attempt to restrict UK medical supplies has just been an absolute catastrophe for them.

“Especially when Britain has been right at the forefront of those international efforts now with the Oxford AZ vaccine to create something that can be delivered at cost around the world.

“Much more cheaply and which we will be helping other countries globally.

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“I think that sort of viciousness from the European Union because we didn’t sing up to what they wanted us to sign up to really gets to people.”

Meanwhile, the EU has been heavily criticised for playing “petty politics” over the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, with experts claiming the move will have cost “thousands of lives”.

Over the past few weeks, more than a dozen EU member states were quick to ban the AstraZeneca vaccine over a few reports of blood clots affecting patients.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) were quick to launch an investigation into the matter, and last night announced the vaccine is “safe and effective” but experts have hit out at the bloc for halting AstraZeneca doses and said the move was likely to “translate into many, many lives lost due to Covid”.

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