EU slapped down over trade row – Brussels not interested in money, all about control

Brexit: EU more interested in 'control' than money says McBride

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The European Union has been accused of being more interested in ‘control’ than money during post-Brexit negotiations with the UK. Centre for Brexit Policy fellow Catherine McBride has told a roundtable discussion hosted by TRT World that the idea Brussels is interested in free trade is a “joke.” She told the panel the bloc is a customs union interested solely in protecting European businesses, adding that Britain must go and seek fresh trade opportunities elsewhere.

Ms McBride told TRT Roundtable: “The idea that Britain somehow is not going in with the spirit of world trade and the EU is kind of a joke.

“I mean the EU is a customs union, it is all about protecting its own businesses from international trade.

“The EU has not offered the UK any kind of financial service equivalence, they are desperately trying to get that business for themselves.”

She added: “Australia had no trouble signing up to a trade deal with the UK.

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“They in fact gave the UK better terms than the UK gave Australia.

“And Australia does not have a trade deal with the EU.

“Because the EU has done everything in its power to kind of make that difficult.

“They have been negotiating for years and they have got nowhere.”

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Regarding the post-Brexit negotiations, Ms McBride added: “I think that a lot of Brexiteers went into this feeling that it would be all about following the money.

“And that the financial situation would win.

“And a lot of people in Brussels…really don’t care about that, they are more interested in control.

“I do believe that the UK has to accept that.”

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She continued: “If the EU doesn’t want to trade then they don’t want to trade and we have to look for new partners.

“We have already found that in Australia, they are doing a deal with New Zealand.

“At the moment they are looking to join the Pacific Partnership, they have a deal with Japan.

“They have rolled over all of the deals that they had when they were part of the EU.”

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