EU plot to pull rug from under Marine Le Pen set to ‘backfire’, Brexiteer warns

Macron ally warns of 'hidden Frexit' in Le Pen's agenda

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The former Brexit Party candidate for Epping Forest previously said he would take Remainers “down to the Tower of London and show them how the UK used to deal with traitors”. Marine Le Pen will go head-to-head with French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday in the final run-offs in the French election. 

The Far-right candidate and her team have accused the European Union of “coming to Macron’s aid” amid claims of embezzlement which her lawyer says she denies.

Facts4EU, a researcher and publisher of Brexit ‘facts’, has reported suspicions surrounding the EU Commission “propping up its man (Macron) in Sunday’s run-off for the Elysée”.

Ms Le Pen has been accused of embezzling over €100,000 (£83,000) during the time she worked for the European Parliament. 

French news outlet Mediapart revealed that the European anti-fraud office, Olaf, accused Ms Le Pen and three former MEPs, including her father Jean-Marie Le Pen and former partner Bruno Gollnisch, of mishandling European Parliament funds.

The report also alleged that the presidential candidate personally misappropriated approximately €137,000 (£113,000) of public money from Strasbourg between 2004 and 2017 when she was an MEP.

FACTS4EU also noted the “delay of EU Commission announcement on Russian sanctions that could drive up petrol prices in France, which could damage Macron”.

In response, Darren Selkus tweeted: “Reminiscent of how Obama tried to stop Brexit.

“Just look how that interference backfired”.

The Former US President Barack Obama stated in 2016 ahead of the Brexit vote that the UK would be at the “back of the queue” in terms of trade deals with the US if they left the EU.

Mr Obama received backlash over his “temerity to weigh in” but the former President argued that Brexit campaigners “are voicing an opinion about what the United States are going to do”.

He added: “I figured you might want to hear from the President of the United States what I think the United States are going to do.”

Pro-Brexit campaigners slammed Obama with Nigel Farage saying he was “talking down Britain” and Liam Fox adding that his views were “irrelevant”.

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Marine Le Pen has cooled down her stance on Frexit but commentators have said her strategy is “Frexit in all but name” with Mujtaba Rahman, the Europe director of Eurasia Group consultancy saying Le Pen’s EU policy is “we’re going to stay in the bus but drive it off a cliff”.

He said Le Pen would “try to destroy the EU from the inside” and that it is “a much greater threat to the EU status quo than Brexit”.

Le Pen’s anti-EU stance is fuelling rumours that the EU are interfering in the election to aid Macron.

The latest results from POLITICO Poll of Polls shows that Macron is at a 10 point lead at 55 percent with Le Pen at 45 percent.

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