Emmanuel Macron panic: Surge in Nigel Farage-inspired Frexit demands terrify Brussels bloc

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Charles-Henri Gallois, the President of eurosceptic group Generation Frexit, insisted the French should follow the lead of the UK in leaving the European Union. While speaking to Former Brexit Party MEP Michael Heaver on Westmonster, Mr Gallois praised Nigel Farage and the Brexit Party for their role in ensuring Brexit in the UK. He claimed France should employ the same strategy of putting pressure on Emmanuel Macron and his party to have a referendum on EU membership.

Mr Gallois said: “If it is a fight between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen we know that Macron will win again.

“But if we have a third force at 12 or 13 percent in the second round it would show that this eurosceptic force can win against Emmanuel Macron.

“You will have a useful vote in favour of this movement to beat Macron.

“That is our aim, to have a Frexit referendum exactly like you had in the UK.”

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Mr Gallois then began to praise Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage for the impact he had in getting Brexit over the line.

Mr Gallois continued: “At the end, Ukip at the time or even the Brexit Party didn’t win the general election but you get Brexit.

“You had this pressure to have this referendum and then you fought the referendum and then you won it.”

He closed by saying: “I think the tactic with Nigel Farage with the Ukip party and then the Brexit Party is what we must do in France to get Frexit.

“This is because it will be too difficult in 2022 or 2027 to be completely frank.

“It would be difficult to win the presidential election based on Frexit.

“But I think what we can do is have this pressure to get this referendum and then win it.

“It is a more operational way to have Frexit in France.”

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Mr Gallois has previously insisted that the French people are beginning to conclude the European Union cannot be changed from the inside.

While speaking on talkRADIO, he added that he was thankful for Brexit happening as he considered it the first step towards freedom for all European countries.

He noted that it could result in Italexit also as euroscepticism continues to grow in these countries. 

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