Emily Thornberry lashes out at Truss for photo ops as she launches new Brexit assault

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Ms Truss, who was International Trae Secretary until last month, quickly became a favourite among Conservative members after securing scores of trade agreements in under two years.

In total 68 trade agreements, not including the EU trade deal, have been signed with countries around the world.

Instagram-lover Ms Truss regularly celebrated her successes with a series of carefully captured pictures on social media.

But following a new report which warns of deals being rushed through, Ms Thornberry criticised the now-Foreign Secretary’s approach for trade.

She said: “The Tory government has thrown away a historic opportunity to reshape our trade policy to support British exports, jobs and growth, all in the hope of a few quick photo opportunities and signing ceremonies.

“And now in their desperate pursuit of that misguided policy, they are preparing to sell out our farming communities to Australia with nothing to show in return, the sorriest chapter yet in a five-year saga of failure.”

While the Labour MP did not mention Ms Truss by name, she is the only one to have signed off on the UK’s new post-Brexit trade agreements.

Her successor, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, has been in the job for just four weeks.

The shadow trade secretary’s comments come after the Resolution Foundation and the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics said the UK needed to form a clearer economic strategy for its trade policy.

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