Durham Police should reopen Keir Starmer beer probe: ‘Needs to be investigated properly’

Keir Starmer has had 'tables turned' on him amid beergate says expert

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Sir Keir was accused of breaking coronavirus regulations on April 30 last year by drinking a beer with colleagues in the office of Mary Foy, the City of Durham MP. Conservative MP for North West Durham, Richard Holden, has called for a fresh investigation after claims of evidence of a quiz and social event on the same evening.

Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan also said police officers should “look at it again” with “all the new evidence” that has come forward.

Sir Keir did not confirm or deny if police had been in touch after the force was encouraged to reopen their investigation.

On BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme on Tuesday, May 3, Sir Keir said: “The police looked at this months ago and came to a clear conclusion that was ‘no rules were broken’, and that’s because no rules were broken.

“Look they’ve already concluded their investigation, no rules were broken and this is simply being whipped up as mud-slinging by the Tories.

“There was no party, no rules were broken, that is the long and short of it.”

He added: “We were working, we stopped for food, no party, no rules were broken; I don’t know what I can add to that.”

In a poll that ran from 3pm on Tuesday, May 3, to 1pm on Wednesday, May 4, Express.co.uk asked: “Should Durham Police reopen Keir Starmer lockdown beers probe?”

A total of 5,130 readers voted with the overwhelming majority – 95 percent (4,878 people) – answering “yes”, Durham Police should reopen their investigation.

Meanwhile, five percent (250 people) said “no” and just two people said they did not know.

Hundreds shared their thoughts in comments below the accompanying article.

One reader, username the man with no name said: “Absolutely they should look at the case, it was in a time when social distancing and limited numbers were in place for social gatherings.”

Username MissingEUAlready2 said: “There is prima facie evidence of rule breaking. It needs to be investigated properly.”

Username Soi Baukhao wrote: “Yes definitely reopen. Durham Beergate was breaking the rules.”

And username wat uwant said: “Of course it should be investigated.”

In February, Durham Constabulary said it did not consider Sir Keir’s actions to be a breach of lockdown restrictions but the force has come under pressure following the recent fines at 

Downing Street.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak were among at least 50 individuals issued with a fixed penalty notice by the Metropolitan Police for attending lockdown-breaking parties at Downing Street.

Other readers drew similarities between Sir Keir and Mr Johnson’s actions and thought that they should be treated equally.

Username BobPage said: “ I can’t see any difference between Sir Keir having curry and beer 

while working with colleagues in Durham and Boris being given some cake on his birthday. 

“Yet one incident resulted in fines, and the other hasn’t even been investigated? Surely the law is blind and doesn’t treat the PM any differently to the Leader of the Opposition.”

Another, username Blast said: “Yes. And the criteria of investigation should be the same as the Tories.”

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Some suggested that the investigation was carried out by the Metropolitan Police to ensure consistency.

Username Butcherdavid said: “Should be investigated by the met to ensure the same standard applies.”

And username SanjayP wrote: “Of course Durham Constabulary need to re-open the investigation.

“Failing that, an independent police force, possibly the Met, needs to do it to ensure the rules are applied consistently.”

However, others thought that the time had passed and people should move on. 

Username Rigracer wrote: “How about we forget all about it, go to the pub, have a party and God forbid… a laugh!!!”

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