Dont need them! former Brexit Party MEP destroys EU for border staff in protocol rant

Former Brexit Party MEP slams EU over Northern Ireland border

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Speaking to GB News on Sunday, former Brexit Party MEP Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen erupted at the EU for the ongoing trade crisis sparked by the Northern Ireland protocol which he claimed was being compounded and made worse by the presence of border guards at the ports carrying out lengthy checks on goods.

Mr Overgaard-Nielsen slammed: “I think the problem with the Northern Ireland protocol is that now instead of having a border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, which I don’t think we should have..

“We have simply got a border down the Irish Sea.

“So the idea that it preserves the Good Friday agreement is completely wrong, it does the opposite.”

He added how both sides need to find some form of “reasonable way” of dealing with the crisis.

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And in a spectacular takedown the former MEP turned the crosshairs onto the EU’s border staff and the role they play in the crisis.

He slammed: “You don’t need to have some custom officer just standing there and checking whatever you are bringing in!”

Mr Overgaard-Nielsen added how nowadays border checks are done by “computer and electronics and you can easily sort it” without the need for people checking goods.

And in a brutal stab at the bloc, the Brexit Party MEP slammed how the EU does not want to sort the protocol chaos out.


Frost calls for ‘flexible’ approach to Northern Ireland Protocol

The comments come as chief Brexit negotiator Lord Forst has vowed to enter “intensive talks” with the EU on Brexit after Brussels presented its Northern Ireland Protocol plans, in a bid to prevent trigger Article 16.

If no agreement can be found, Lord Frost is ready to take the “nuclear option” by triggering Article 16.

Doing this will suspend the Northern Ireland protocol, introduced as part of the 2019 Withdrawal Agreement.


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The proposals will mean most food products will not need to be physically checked when arriving into Northern Ireland from Great Britain and a cut to the required administration for Northern Ireland importers is being brought in.

There will also be expanded trusted trader arrangements meaning more products and companies are exempt from customs tariffs.

A major proposal will also see a change to current laws to ensure no disruption to moving medicines across the Irish Sea.

While the EU have pledged improved engagement with stakeholders in Northern Ireland including politicians and business groups to calm relations.

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