Council tax bills soar putting strain on households across the UK

Council tax bills have more than tripled to £2,000 since the charge was first introduced 30 years ago, research found.

The fee for an average band D home has gone up by 79 percent, according to the Taxpayers’ Alliance.

It found 244 councils, more than half, have never decreased their level of council tax.

John O’Connell, TPA chief executive, said: “Households in every corner of the country are being hammered by higher rates year after year.

“Three decades since its introduction, the relentless climb of council tax shows no sign of reaching its peak.”

“Only by cutting wasteful spending and binning pointless pet projects can town hall bosses bear down on the council tax burden.”

An average band D bill when council tax was introduced in 1993 was £568 but has now hit £2,065.

Nottingham increased its council tax in cash terms more than any other English local authority since 1993, from £630 to £2,412, according to the TPA.

Wandsworth increased its bills less in real terms than anywhere else at just one percent.

A spokesman for the Local Government Association said: “In recent years, the Government has relied on council tax raising powers to increase councils’ core spending power.”

“Faced with the increased cost of providing local services and rising demand for support, councils have faced the tough choice about whether to increase bills to bring in desperately needed funding to protect services at the same time as being acutely aware of the significant burden that could place on some households.”

“While council tax is an important funding stream, it is not the solution to the long-term pressures facing councils. Councils want to work with government on a long-term funding plan which ensures they have adequate resources, certainty and freedoms to deliver local services.”

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