Christmas CANCELLED? Minister hints at ‘possible’ axing of Covid rules relaxation in Wales

Vaughn Gething fires warning over Covid breaker in Wales

Christmas holidays are expected to go ahead despite the coronavirus restrictions after the four UK nations agreed to a five-day period of grace to allow some household mixing. Wales signed up to the breaker but Health Minister Vaughn Gething admitted it is still “possible” there could be changes to the plans if new infections continue to increase. Asked whether the Christmas holidays breaker could still be cancelled, Mr Gething told the Today programme: “It’s possible.

“But indeed the revised advice that we’ve had yesterday, published by our Chief Medical Officer, goes through a range of challenges we have again reiterating why there’s a particular set of common arrangements over the Christmas period.

“We have to consider if we say now we’re going to change those arrangements, what the reaction would be, whether we’d see any different behaviour at all.”

Mr Gething continued: “I’m not convinced a change in the Christmas arrangements now would actually lead to more people doing something different.

“It’s really about how we can persuade the public to make different choices, not because it’s in my interest but in their interest and their family’s and loved ones to do the right thing and take care of themselves and each other.”

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“If we can’t do that, we will see more harm, more people coming into our hospitals and, more importantly, more people who will never leave our hospitals.”

Wales went into lockdown ahead of England and Scotland in mid-October in an attempt to curb the rising number of coronavirus infections across the nation.

The circuit breaker shut down ended on November 9 but a renewed surge of cases has sparked concerns renewed restrictions may be needed once more in the coming weeks.

Latest statistics from the British Government, Wales had a seven-day case rate of 267.8 for every 100,000 people as of December 1. The rate was 149.5 in England, 143.6 in Northern Ireland, and 100.3 in Scotland.

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