Brexit triumph: How Boris will guarantee GREAT investment into powerhouse Brexit Britain

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The Bruges Group director Robert Oulds argued the UK will always be a point of key focus those looking into invest in foreign markets. During an interview with, Mr Oulds claimed that if Boris Johnson ensures a good tax policy, Britain will continue to thrive after Brexit and attract even more overseas investors. The Brexiteer noted that historically Britain has been a powerhouse internationally and would have the opportunity to become one again.

He said: “We are a country that sparked the industrial revolution and we are a leading country when it comes to high-end manufacturing and technology.

“This is in addition to the important business service skills, legal or financial services where the city of London is still a leading financial centre.

“Despite what the doom-mongers say and contrary to what was predicted when we didn’t go into the Euro.

“There will never be a brain drain of people leaving the city of London for places like Frankfurt or Paris, that is just ridiculous.

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“Britain will always be a main focus.”

Mr Oulds also said what he thought Boris Johnson should do to ensure the UK thrives.

He said: “What Boris Johnson needs to do is make sure he can have a competitive tax policy.

“That is low corporation tax, tax policies which enable investment and encourage it.

“A good reward on their investment will mean we will see even more foreign investment into the United Kingdom.”

Mr Oulds also highlighted why foreign investors would be interested in setting up base in the UK.

He said: “We would thrive by having a more competitive tax regime.

“Britain has a lot going for it that encourages investment.

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“We have a great skilled workforce, good education within the UK, we have amongst the best universities in the world which produce some high-quality graduates.

“We provide good opportunities for companies to base itself in the UK as we have the skills of the British people and also the inventiveness and creativity.

“These are things part of the British psyche and character, something the UK has been able to offer the world.”

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