Brexit loophole to end bureaucratic nightmare causing havoc among British businesses

Brexit: Richard Tice outlines ‘way around’ new rules

Richard Tice told Brexit Watch that something needs to be done to resolve the problems UK businesses are having in exporting goods to Northern Ireland following the end of the post-Brexit transition period. Businesses have slammed the extra paperwork the agreement created as putting major obstacles in their trade with Northern Ireland. Mr Tice added that these teething problems need to be sorted out fast for the UK economy to prosper. 

Mr Tice said: “Stories are emerging of companies just giving up exporting to Northern Ireland.

“I predicted this the moment it was first announced.

“There are shortages on the shelves and in supermarkets in Northern Ireland.

“I think you have got to say that it is not sustainable.”

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He continued: “One way around it might be that we could determine traders in both regions of the UK, why don’t we make all the companies trusted traders.

“They would be all economic authorized operators and therefore we would not need to apply the additional regulations.

“I think that is perfectly reasonable, we have got to do something.

“It is not acceptable and it was completely predictable.

Richard Tice says people are ‘worried’ about Reform UK party

“Some people might call them teething problems, but they are issues that need sorting out and sorting out fast.” 

UK businesses are not just having problems exporting to Northern Ireland but also the European Union.

On Monday, Scottish fishing businesses launched a protest against the post-Brexit paperwork that is “torpedoing” their exports to the European Union as more than a dozen lorries have blocked Westminster.


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Some of the lorries outside of Parliament had anti-Brexit slogans in bold writing on the side of them such as ‘Brexit Carnage!’.

Scottish fishing businesses have seen a sharp decrease in exports to the European Union since the Brexit transition period ended on January 1, 2021. 

Other exporters have also demanded swift changes to the current agreement because of the additional red tape they have been facing.

Boris Johnson admitted to “understanding the frustrations” business owners are experiencing as he promised compensation will be forthcoming.

Mr Johnson said: “I sympathise very much and understand their frustrations and things have been exacerbated by COVID and the demand hasn’t been what it was before the pandemic and that’s one of the problems we’re trying to deal with. That’s driven in large part by the pandemic.

“Where businesses, through no fault of their own, have faced difficulties exporting where there is a genuine willing buyer, there’s a £23m fund to help out.”

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