Brexit LIVE: This isnt what we voted for! Leave rebellion brews against let-down Boris

Nigel Farage: UK still has ‘unfinished business’ with Brexit

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The Government has announced a new 1.25 percent National Insurance levy, to clear the NHS backlog and fund social care. However, the move has sparked fury from more Thatcherite Conservatives, who argue it will hamper Britain’s Covid recovery.

Robin Birley, a former Tory and UKIP donor, said he wouldn’t be giving the Tories any more money.

He commented: “As an ardent Brexiteer and an ardent supporter of Boris, I’m a concerned and very, very disappointed man.

“I don’t see this government as particularly pro-business. I’m terribly depressed about the whole situation.

“We stand alone, with a huge debt, outside the EU, which I was passionately pro-leaving. But we’re not taking the advantages up.”

He concluded in his interview with The Times: “I don’t see where the deregulation is taking place. You need an entrepreneurial nation, and we’re not going in that direction at all.”

Under Mr Johnson’s plans, the amount any individual pays for social care before the state steps in will be capped at £86,000.

In March Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a major corporation tax rise, from 19 to 25 percent.

Crispin Odey, who has given over £350,000 to the Conservative Party and more to pro-Brexit groups, was similarly damning stating: “Covid set governments free.

“They suddenly found out they could spend any amount of money, and this government couldn’t have a better person in charge of spending money than Boris. They’ve got the ideal drunken captain.

“We know the direction of travel, and the answer is that behind this lie more spending and more tax rises.”

As a result of Mr Johnson’s National Insurance rise, the UK’s tax burden will rise to its highest level in 70 years.

The House of Commons approved the Government’s National Insurance plans, by 319 voted to 248.


7.37am update: ‘They’re locked in!’ Brexit-backing Lord says Eurosceptic member states are stuck in EU

A Brexit-backing Lord has said members of the EU are trapped in the Brussels bloc as Norway considers taking a mini-Brexit.

Lord Moylan, 65, has said many Eurosceptic members of the European Union are unable to sever ties with Brussels.

Speaking to GB News’ Mark Dolan, the former adviser to Boris Johnson took a step away from Nigel Farage’s belief the EU project is crumbling.

7.15am update: Migrant crisis to ‘tear EU apart’ as external border policy fails to appease angry members

The looming migrant crisis set to grip the continent will “tear the EU apart” as members fail to agree on an external border policy meaning the burden of refugees is disproportionately shared across the bloc.

Former rear admiral Dr Chris Parry spoke to and forecast the migrant crisis which has arisen from the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan will “tear apart” the European Union.

He argues the lack of a unified response, with some members taking disproportionately high numbers of refugees, will see countries bicker and argue over what policy should be followed.

The European Union has already seen division during the pandemic as members struggled to get their vaccine programmes off the ground with the looming refugee crisis predicted to mirror the Syrian crisis back in 2015. 

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