Brexit LIVE: Macron throws massive tantrum as Boris shuts down unimportant France row

Brexit: Bruno Bonnell says he can see ‘no success’ in UK economy

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The Prime Minister was hosting the Royal Family at a reception for world leaders – where Mr Macron should have been, but was instead on his private jet heading to Paris. Mr Johnson said the fishing row was “really vanishingly unimportant” in comparison to climate change.

He added: ”We are working very, very closely with our French friends and partners on the things that matter most to the people of the world – and that is tackling climate change, reducing CO2.”

Mr Macron is then said to have jetted off earlier than planned, in a tantrum being called “Le Strop” by diplomats.

The row between the two allies is because of an allegation by France that the UK is withholding permits for French boats to fish in British waters as Paris seeks more permits to be approved.

But the UK is sticking to the Brexit deal of granting licences only to boats that can prove historic fishing activity.

Today, France will demand that the UK deliver answers over 14 licences. Jersey has said they’re prepared to speed up approvals for another “five or six” French permits, expected to be finalised this week.

The Telegraph discovered that French fishermen have been caught “fibbing” on their applications to work in British waters after Brexit.

The Scottish vessel seized by French authorities, Cornelis Gert Jan, was still docked in the port of Le Havre on Tuesday night.


‘Politics have blown it all out of proportion’

The Chief of the National Federation of Fishermen’s Organisations, Barrie Deas, said to TALK RADIO on Wednesday: “This has been esclated to a criminal process because of the politics.”

He continued: “If you can’t limit access to areas you can’t manage fisheries properly. Politics have blown it all out of proportion and it ought to be resolved at a techincal level with the politics taken out of it.”

French say UK shown a ‘constructive’ spirit

The French Transport Minister says the UK has shown a “constructive| spirit regarding talks over Brexit and fishing licenses. 

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