Brexit fishing RAGE: Caller lashes out at France in outburst over activity in UK waters

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Jon, from Cornwall, called into the Jeremy Vine Show to argue that, post-Brexit, the UK should not allow so many other nations to fish in its waters. He argued the French were taking too many fish and caught 84 percent of the cod. During his outburst, the caller quipped if the UK wants, it should be able to take “80 percent of the grapes from the Champagne area.”

The caller said: “Well, I live in Cornwall and 84 percent of the fish caught, of the Cornish coast, is by the EU, mostly French fishermen.

“There isn’t a free trade agreement that exists in the world that allows one party to take access to another party’s sovereign territory.

“We might as well go to France and say we want 80 percent of the grapes from the Champagne area.”

Mr Vine then turned to June Mummery for confirmation on the figures.

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She said: “Yes, 84 percent of cod is caught in the English Channel by the French.

“It is ridiculous and this could all come back to us and create much-needed jobs.”

Another frustrated viewer called into the show to voice her annoyance at the EU over fishing.

Lois From Essex told Jeremy Vine and the panel EU fishermen were attempting to take British fishermen’s livelihoods away.

She said: “This has got nothing to do with nostalgia, it has got everything to do with our industry.

“Why should we keep giving in to the EU?

“How dare they try and take our livelihoods away from us.”

Ms Mummery also claimed Brexit was the perfect chance to rebuild the fishing industry.

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She said: “We have got a golden opportunity to rebuild our industry that quite frankly has been taken away from us.

“We need to create jobs now for future generations and you cannot do that if you allow the EU to still control some of our fishing industry.

“So we have to take back control. There is no other way forward for us.

“Why should the coastal community be the sacrificial lamb in all of this?

“No! We have been sacrificed once before and we’ve had enough.”

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