Boris told to get real as campaigner rages at John Redwood during tense social care row

Social care: Jayne Connery hits out at government reforms

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson was told to “get real” by care campaigner Jayne Connery as she blasted assumptions that issues in the care sector could be simply fixed by money. Ms Connery appeared on GB News with Sir John Redwood who was opposed to the rise in National Insurance contributions because he argued it punished workers who needed help post-pandemic. A raging Ms Connnery took aim at Sir John before laying out the issues in the care sector she claimed people are ignoring.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced to the House of Commons an increase of National Insurance by 1.25 percentage points to pay for social care reforms and to clear the NHS backlog. 

The increase, which will be put in place from April 2022, was met with widespread criticism with some stating the tax punishes workers and the young.

The Conservatives also promised in their 2019 manifesto they would not increase National Insurance.

Unlike Income Tax, National Insurance contributions do not massively increase with income meaning those at the top and bottom of earning will essentially pay similar amounts.

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From April 2023, National Insurance will return to current rates and a new health and social care tax will be introduced which will be marked at 1.25 percent.

Sir John appeared on GB News where he discussed the National Insurance increase and said he was in favour of speaking to the care sector to try and come up with a solution.

But the Conservative MP believed the decision to raise the contributions was wrong as it went against the 2019 Tory manifesto pledge of not increasing National Insurance.

Ms Connery blasted the MP and said the increase was much needed in the sector.

Boris Johnson warned of National Insurance 'gamble' by MP

She said: “You know, I sit here in absolute aghast at what a Conservative MP is telling me.

“We deal with families and care workers every day where they’re not even afforded quality of care.

“Because of the because of staff shortages, because of issues within the sector.

“We’ve got so much going on at the moment that until this government actually gets really understands the challenges within the sector it will ever be fixed.

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“And you can throw as much money as much as you want at it but it’s so much more than funding.

Sir John appeared on TalkRADIO earlier this week where he laid out his issues with the National Insurance increase.

He slammed the move claiming it would be “completely wrong” for the party to “go back on our manifesto promise to keep income tax, VAT and National Insurance rates down”.

The Covid Recovery Group member added how he felt it was wrong to impose a tax on jobs “when you’re trying to stimulate a job-rich recovery” given the fallout of the Coronavirus pandemic and the efforts required to re-stimulate the economy after 18-months of lockdowns and setbacks.

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