Boris Johnson LIVE: PM to unveil new tax hikes TODAY – very significant backlash brews

Boris Johnson teases a new trade deal in Parliament

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The new tax on earnings is designed to raise the billions of pounds needed to address the crippling social care crisis currently facing the country. The Government could raise National Insurance contributions by around one percent to pay for the reforms. However, amid rising tensions in the Conservative Party, the Prime Minister could face an uphill battle to push the tax rise through.

Former chancellor Lord Philip Hammond has warned that plans to increase National Insurance to pay for social care are “wrong” and will provoke a “very significant backlash”.

Last week former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt suggested there should be a new “health and care premium” added to tax, rather than raising National Insurance or income tax.

The Prime Minister will first present the manifesto pledge breaking policy to his Cabinet at 8.30am before putting it to Parliament at midday.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak and Health Secretary Sajid Javid are later expected to join Mr Johnson in a coronavirus-style press conference in Downing Street later this afternoon at about 5pm.


Conservative Party ‘will not duck’ NHS decisions

Ahead of Boris Johnson’s landmark announcement today, he has heralded the NHS as the ‘pride’ of our nation and promised his party will not ‘duck’ the tough decisions to get it back on track.

He said: “The NHS is the pride of our United Kingdom, but it has been put under enormous strain by the pandemic.

“We cannot expect it to recover alone.

“We must act now to ensure the health and care system has the long-term funding it needs to continue fighting Covid and start tackling the backlogs, and end the injustice of catastrophic costs for social care.

“My Government will not duck the tough decisions needed to get NHS patients the treatment they need and to fix our broken social care system.”

Johnson defends controversial National Insurance tax hike

In a defiant message to his Tory critics, Boris Johnson promised to “end the injustice of catastrophic costs” for the long-term care of the frail, elderly and other vulnerable adults.

The Prime Minsiter seems determined to press ahead despite concerns his shake-up could cost taxpayers around £10billion a year.

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